Nickelodeon Drops Winx Club

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Sad news Winx fans, Romi Dames (Musa) tweeted yesterday that Nickelodeon has decided to drop Winx Club from their schedules, which means Season 6 will be the last for Bloom and the girls in North America.

While I have no news what this means for the DVD releases, or any future Winx productions I, and many others are at least glad the season gets to finish out. Not all shows get a chance to do that. Big thanks to the cast and crew for all of the Winx love over the years!

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Castle Boss Previews ‘Big Step’ for Feuding Rick/ Alexis, Pi’s Fate and More

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Tonight on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Rick and Alexis (played by Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn) will lower their respective shields in the name of solving a mystery together — and in doing so, take a first step in mending fences after their blow-up over the Pi situation.

Recounting the source of the father/daughter feud, which boiled over in the wake of a disastrous dinner party (and ultimately surfaced Alexis’ hurt over hearing of her dad’s engagement second-hand), Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe says, “Pi’s a nice guy, but he’s not who Castle imagined for Alexis — and I think that anybody who’s a parent has gone through this at some point. And anybody who is Alexis’ age, wanting to grow up and find their independence, is probably going to feel hurt in that it used to be you and your dad ‘against the world,’ and now he’s with a woman who’s different from the other women he’s been with. So Alexis suddenly is saying, ‘Where do I fit in? I’ve got to find some place to stand.’ And so she comes back [from Costa Rica] with Pi.”

But for Alexis to go so far as to question if Beckett is “the right one” for her father, mid-quarrel…? Marlowe confirms that the heat of the moment she “absolutely” was merely speaking from a place of anger versus actual opinion, “acting out in a way to challenge her father.”

Alexis, meanwhile, isn’t the only concerned party to be wondering about her role in the new paradigm. As Castle this week assists Alexis with an Innocence Review case, trying to deduce if a death row inmate is in fact guilty, it presents “a nice first and big step towards them starting to repair their relationship — and in a way that also raises some questions for Beckett,” Marlowe shares. “She recognizes that for so long it’s been Alexis and Castle against the world, and she’s the interloper, so how does she reconcile that? How does she fit in?”

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ABC Releases Castle Season 6 Gallery Images

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ABC’s upcoming sixth season of the popular series Castle starts Monday, September 23 and with the premiere getting ever closer, ABC has also released some promotional images of the Season 6 cast!

Sadly Molly is only featured in the one photo so far, but here’s hoping there’s more on the way!

‘Castle’: Molly Quinn Previews ‘Bittersweet’ Finale and Season 6 Hopes

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After Alexis’ traumatic experience earlier this season, the actress who portrays Castle’s daughter tells THR that “she’s kind of turning into a daredevil.”

The future of Beckett and Castle’s relationship is in danger.

Fresh off Castle’s renewal news, season five wraps up with the ABC procedural, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, forcing its two lead characters to make a big decision. Beckett is faced with a job offer she is seriously mulling, which would put her in Washington D.C. and threatens her romantic future with Castle.

“It’s bittersweet,” actress Molly Quinn, who plays Castle’s daughter Alexis, tells The Hollywood Reporter of Monday’s season finale. “It gets to a point where Castle wants one thing and Beckett wants another, and if they can they work it out or not.”

In a chat with THR, Quinn discusses Alexis’ newfound “daredevil” streak, how her near-death experience has changed the character and what the future holds for the Castle-Beckett romance.

The Hollywood Reporter: What should we expect for Alexis in the season finale?

Molly Quinn: Alexis is trying to convince her dad that it is OK for her to take a trip to Costa Rica and her dad, of course, is very uncomfortable with that considering what happened to her earlier this season with her being kidnapped and everything. Alexis is trying to reassert her independence because after that whole experience, her dad is much more overprotective. I mean, Alexis was still shocked — she would be after that traumatic situation — but now she’s like, “Hmm, this isn’t good. I can’t let him think that we’re reverting back to being 14. I’m 19, going on 20, I need to take this trip because I can’t let my fears conquer me.”

The rest of the interview can be found over at THR

ABC renews “Castle” for a sixth season!

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The answer we’ve been waiting for is coming early:

ABC has officially renewed Castle for a sixth season!

I’ll have more on the renewal and news as it comes out, congratulations to the cast and crew on another amazing year and here’s to many more!